group_of_students.jpgCurrent MSc programs of the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Informatics in English

MSc in Mechanical Engineering The objectives of the programme are to train engineers who are capable of conceiving the processes and structures of machines and machinery, and modelling, planning, operating and maintaining them. They are prepared to take part in the development of machine industry technologies, new materials and production technologies, considering also environmental aspects. Graduates are able to carry out innovative tasks and participate in engineering projects in Hungary or abroad.

MSc in Computer Science Engineering The programme provides students with the high-level knowledge in IT from the natural sciences and from specialised engineering fields that is essential for the designing, development and integration of new information technology systems. Graduates are able to carry out and co-ordinate research and development tasks in computer science.

MSc in Logistics Engineering - from September 2023 The aim of the course is to train logistics engineers who, with their knowledge of natural sciences, specific technical, economic, management, IT, industrial and transport technologies, are capable of analyzing, planning, organizing and managing logistics processes and systems (goods transport, materials handling, warehousing, picking, loading, material supply, materials procurement, goods distribution, waste management) that implement the flow of materials within and between companies, including the related flow of information. They are able to design, develop, contribute to the production, quality control and operation of logistics machinery, tools and equipment, which forms whole logistics systems. They are prepared to pursue studies at doctoral level.


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