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Call for application NATIONAL HIGHER EDUCATION SCHOLARSHIP academic year 2024/2025  

Deadline for submission:                             3 July 2024 (Wednesday) 12:00 (noon)

The application must be submitted                          Dr. Katalin Voith (A/3. II. 216.)

National higher education scholarship is open     to the students of the University of Miskolc who are enrolled in a full-time bachelor's, master's or part-time programme with state support/government scholarship or under tuition-paying/self-financed scheme (students who will finish their bachelor's programme in June and continue their studies in a master’s programme in September can also apply); are registered for at least two semesters and have earned at least 55 credit points during their current or previous studies.

For the purpose of maintaining their high academic and professional standards, national higher education scholarships may be awarded to students who, in the academic year 2023/2024, have achieved outstanding academic results; have done outstanding work in their field; have carried out exemplary community, sport, cultural and other activities.

The application must include:

1.  The application with annexes containing a description of academic achievements, language certificates, professional activities, community, sports and other activities must be addressed to the minister responsible for education and submitted in two copies, one original and one duplicate, to the relevant dean's office by the deadline specified above.

2.  Annexes to the application:

Annex 1: Application form for National Higher Education Scholarship for the academic year 2024/2025 - duly completed ·          

Annex 2: a list of the certified professional, community, sports, cultural and ther activities. Annexes 1 and 2 can be downloaded from the UM website. Official certification of language proficiency; A brief description of the professional and scientific activities, with the opinion and signature of the persons providing the reference; A brief description of professional and scientific publications, including the author, title, date and place of publication; A description of other outstanding cultural, sports, public or social activities, with the opinion and signature of the person giving the reference; The numbered attachments must be listed in Annex 2 in the order of the number they bear.

Applications received after the deadline or incomplete applications will not be considered! The faculty study committee shall rank the applications. After the ranking, students have the opportunity to view the ranking of those nominated for scholarship the faculty's website on 11 July 2024.

Appeals may be submitted with the opinion of the faculty, addressed to the Student Legal Redress Committee, in writing to the Director of Education and Quality Assurance by 12:00 (noon) on Friday 19 July 2024, at oktatas@uni-miskolc.hu. Additional information on the application is contained in Section 24 of Government Decree No. 51/2007. (III. 26.), Sections 96-105 of Requirements for Students (Volume III of the Organisational and Operational Regulations of the University of Miskolc) and Rector’s Order No. 4/2023.    

Prof. Zita Horváth