Congratulation to our graduated students:

MSc degree in Mechanical Engineering:

Karam Dheyaa from Iraq

MSc degree in Computer Science Engineering:

Brahim Anis Belferkous from Algeria

Ousama Shouffi from Syria

Mohammad Alkhiyami from Syria

Fadi Atallah from Syria

Razan Farah from Syria

Mohammad Samer Al Saydali from Syria

diploma_oszto_csoportkĂŠp2024.06.27.jpg  Group_diploma_1.jpg  Brahim_graduation.jpg


Between 10 and 14 June 2024 Dr. Péter Bencs, Head of the Energy Engineering and Chemical Machinery Institute and Dr. Norbert Szaszák associate professor of the same institute visited TH Aschaffenburg University of Applied Sciences in the Framework of Erasmus program. They had the chance to visit the bioMEMS Laboratory and the ALP Laboratory in Obernburg.

FBkep.jpg  Aschaffenburg_2.jpg 

Aschaffenburg_3.jpg  Aschaffenburg_4.jpg



Ibn Tofail University (Kenitra) and the University of Miskolc have signed a cooperation agreement.

In addition, a Pannonia Mobility Programme contract was signed between the two universities.

Discussions covered double degrees in engineering and computer science, co-direction of doctoral studies and joint future research.

Dates of the meetings: 07-10.05.2024.

Venue: Ibn Tofail University, Kenitra, Morocco

Participants in the picture from left to right: Prof. Mohammed Larbi KERKEB, president, Prof.Dr. Gabriella Vadászné Bognár, Deputy Dean for Science and International Affairs, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Informatics, University of Miskolc Dávid Ambrus, Embassy of Hungary, Rabat, diplomat Prof. Adil ECHCHELH, vice-president (scientific research and cooperation) Prof. Mohamed Ebn Touhami, Dean


At 13 May 2024 we have visited the BOSCH - Miskolc.

Thank you for Zsófia Zilahy Recruitment (McP/HRL-R) manager

of Robert Bosch Power Tool Elektromos Szerszámgyártó Kft.,  Miskolc to make this possible for the international student of our faculty.



As part of the Erasmus Staff Week of the University of Miskolc the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Informatics organized a friendly gethering of guest from Ukraine, Germany and Marocco. After some presentations we made a walk through the campus and visited some of the laboratories.




Alumni Talk - April 15.jpg

Join Us for an Enlightening ALUMNI Talk! 

📅 Date: 15th of April

🕕 Time: 17:30

📍 Location: UM Élményközpont, building A/3, first floor

Registration is REQUIRED:   https://forms.office.com/e/v4qRLLtajG


Presentation of the Medallion of Merit at 14 March 2024

At the ceremony of 15 March, the Dean of the Faculty, Prof. Dr. Zoltán Siménfalvi, presented the students of the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Information Technology with the Medallion of Merit.
The Council of the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Informatics awarded the Gold Medal to 23 students - 1 international student-, the Silver Medal to 17 students  and the Bronze Medal to 42 students - 7 international students-, 82 students in total. At the ceremony, 43 people received the medal.



The international students who received the Medallion:

Gold Medal:  
Shaaya Karam Dheyaa Jirjees
Bronze Medal: 
Benaissa Moenes
Daud Muhammad Hamza
Dhaidah Kawtar
Hfaiedh Noureddine
Namboodri Tanuj
Shaglil Ibrahim
Yunusu Idd Mohamed



Begin Edu Fair - Baku, Azerbaijan

10 March 2024


We are present at the International Student Fair in Baku today.



ERASMUS information exchange event - 28 February 2024


Today the faculty Erasmus coordinator, Dr. Péter Bencs and Dr. Katalin Voith has met the Erasmus students of this semester. During this informal meeting the students shared their experiences of the first couple of weeks. Drinking some coffee and tea and have some snacks made the meeting more relaxed.

IMG_20240228_103147.jpg  IMG_20240228_102542.jpg



The first ISAN event of the semester was held by the Coordinator of the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Informatics, Fadi Atallah. 


This event was a student gathering of the Faculty to share their opinions about the last semester's events and they discussed their own ideas for the current semester. 

Also, it was a perfect opportunity for the new students to ask for help from the senior students so that they had the chance to get the answers for their questions or find a solution for their specific questions regarding the University. 

After that, the students had some time to have a great talk and catching up again after the winter break. 

picture2.jpg picture3.jpg picture4.jpg




Congratulation to our graduated student:

Batoul Joumah from Syria - MSc degree in Mechanical Engineering


At 7 February 2024 

Nikita Fütterer, Dipl.-KFM Sales Manager at TLV International, Inc.

gave a presentation  about the products of this Japanese company (Steam and Condense technology) in the lecture room of the Institute of Energy Engineering and Chemical Machinery  

Topics covered in the technical presentation: condensate separators, Floating-ball thermostatic-thermodynamic, Process steam control, Dryers and filters, Condensate transport, System solutions, TLV service.





New year 2024 is a great time when students can go abroad for their Erasmus+ internships. So we have prepared for you new Erasmus internship opportunities with the start in March - April 2024 which may be interesting for your students.  

 To find all our open positions, you can click here. Moreover, students can submit an online application at our website www.placementslovakia.com, and state the sectors they would like to have internships in. Afterward, if they meet all requirements, we will invite them for the first interview, where everything depends on them.  

 The conditions of our program stay the same in 2024:
- no fees for students,
- free accommodation provided,
- lunch allowance provided
- professional training and courses
- constant support by our team.

Placement Slovakia Team


From the Ibl Tofail University (Kenitra, Morocco) Prof. Amer Ayoub visited our faculty as  Vadászné Prof. Dr. Gabriella Bognár's - vice dean - guest at 16 January, 2024. Together with Prof. Echchelh vice president and Yassine Chahboub - they joint online to the meeting - they discussed the possibilities of cooperation, students exchange, commen supervising of PhD students and double degree program.





We visited the company Joyson Hungaria Kft. Miskolc at 8 December, 2023


The company provided a very colourfull program for the international MSc and PhD students of the faculty of Materials and Chemical engineering and Mechanical engineering and Informatics.
Thank you for this great event and opportunity.

Special thanks to  Andrea Kappelmajerné Kővári Specialist, Training &Development EMEA Human Resources


Martin Megó - presentation

István Galambos - molding

Attila Vágási - painting

Mónika Eke-Csányi - leathering

CsillaSzabó and GyörgyJónás - test facilities 


We held the 1st Faculty ALUMNI SYMPOSIUM at 7 December 2023


The event was online, on MS TEAMS platform.

Our speakers were:

Wallyson Thomas Alves da Silva

Raghawendra Pratap Singh Sisodia

Mohammad Almseidin

Manish Kumar

Hina Ghous

Bassel Alsalamah

Marouane Guettatfi

Okhunjon Sayfidinov

Bernard Felix

They shared their experiences at the faculty and their career since they graduated or get their PhD diploma.



evosoft Hungary Kft. - company visit

On November 10, 2023, the students of the English-language engineering informatics course  participated in a company presentation at the office of evosoft Hungary Kft. in Miskolc. After the introductory presentation of Beatrix Huszti, site manager, the company's specialists gave a presentation on current technologies and ongoing projects. The meeting ended with answering the students' questions.

Evosoft1.jpg Evosoft2.jpg Evosoft5.JPG



We visited the company EMERSON Automation FCP Kft. Eger at 13 October, 2023

The company provided a very colourfull program for the international MSc and PhD students of the faculty.
Thank you for this great event and opportunity.

Group_outdoor_edited_final.jpg Group_picture_indoor.jpg


MEET & GREET evening for the international MSc and PhD students

3 October 2023

Fadi Atallah, 2-year Computer Science Engineering MSc student, the ISAN faculty coordinator organized an event for all the faculty international MSc and PhD students - new-comers and higher-year ones - to meet and freely talk about any issues related to study, dormitory life or anything else outside the university.

Group picture.jpg


Presentation of 


Munich University of Applied Sciences, Gemany

with the title of: "Advanced GMAW process variants"

Date: 26 September, 2023


Wilhelm_Prof_26Sept2023_1.jpg  Wilhelm_2.jpg



At 21 September, 2023 (Thursday) we gather together to enjoy 3 great presentations about solar thermal energy.


In the framework of Erasmus+ KA171 Mobility program 

Prof. Ahmed AL MERS from the Abdelmalek Essaadi University, Morocco:

"Development of a low-cost CSP system based on Fresnel technology coupled with a thermocline energy storage tank"


Ahmed_Al_Mers_2.jpg Ahmed_Al_Mers_3.jpg Ahmed_Al_Mers_4.jpg

The audience created a word-cloud together at the end of Prof. Al Mers' presentation:


His presentation was followed by the PhD students with their presentations:

Baibhaw Kumar: Design, Development, and Optimization of Solar Dryer for Wood Fuels



Salman Brbhan: Improving solar energy systems' use of concentrated thermal energy (steam generation)




At 29 June, 2023 a delegation of the HUBEI ENGINEERING UNIVERSITY from China visited our faculty.

The following programs were presented to the members of the delegation:

Ding Yuankun, vice rector,

Xia Jianping, director of education affairs,

Feng Qian, director of the international affairs and

Yang Jianjun, dean of the Art Faculty   


1.       Presentation of the faculty and its English language programs by Vadászné Prof. Gabriella Bognár and Prof. László Kovács  

IMG_20230629_141857 (002).jpgIMG_20230629_141752 (002).jpgIMG_20230629_141836 (002).jpg

IMG_20230629_150754 (002).jpgIMG_20230629_145158.jpgIMG_20230629_145732.jpg

2.       Hand-driven drone show  

IMG_20230629_152737.jpgIMG_20230629_152856.jpgIMG_20230629_153103 (002).jpgIMG_20230629_153106 (002).jpgIMG_20230629_153235 (002).jpg

3.       Presentation of the Logistics 4.0 Laboratory by Dr. Ákos Cservenák  



4.       Mechatronics Laboratory Tour led by  Dr. László Rónai and Pálma Kapitány




Presentation of 


University of Oulu, Finland

with the title of: "Carbon Diffusion Phenomena during the Transformation of Austenite to Lath Martensite"

Date: 28 June, 2023




CONGRATULATION to our Graduated students:




Angola   Inácio Manuel Junqueira  Mechanical Engineering
India   Lohith Menasamakki Rajashekar Mechanical Engineering
Iraq   Ahmed Hakeem Najm Al-Mamoori Computer Science Engineering
Tunisia   Ali Jlidi Computer Science Engineering
India   Fahim Mulla Mechanical Engineering
India   Jayanth Shivanandappa  Computer Science Engineering




In the framework of Erasmus+ Mobility program after a successful visit of the teaching members of the Dalian Technical University (China), 4 members of the Institute of Energy Engineering and Chemical Machinery (University of Miskolc), took a trip to Dalian between 19 and 23 June, 2023.  

During the visit the following lectures were held to the members of the department and the MSc and PhD students:



During the five days many very promising arrangements and meetings happened about future educational and research cooperations.  

We would like to express our warm gratitude and thanks to our hosts including the kind and helpful PhD students.  

Special thanks to:





Tram-ride like an electrical engineer!

The 100 Bengal tram is back on track.  

On 1 June 2023, the University of Miskolc held a Professional Day of Electrical Engineering, during which the legendary 100-track one-way Bengal tram was rolled out of the remise again. The professional day started with company presentations in the auditorium III of the University of Miskolc, followed by the tram baptism and nostalgia tram ride. The welcome ceremony of the tramway started at 14:40 at the Tisza Railway Station, and then the tramway "rode through the girbe-gurba streets of Miskolc". The occasion was the 25th anniversary of the graduation of the first class of electrical engineers at the University of Miskolc.

The FVV 1100 type tram number 100, commonly known as the Bengal tram, was put into service in Miskolc on 3 October 1962. The Bengal trams were named after their staggering size and their roaring sound, similar to that of a Bengal tiger. In Miskolc, this type was finally withdrawn in 2004 and replaced by the red trams from Vienna. The tram number 100 was baptised by the Institute of Physics and Electrical Engineering and the Council of Electrical Engineering of the University of Miskolc in accordance with student tradition and given the name Bengal Tiger, also known as Amper-hunter tiger. He was also accepted as an honorary citizen and honorary member of the university community, making the Bengal Tram a new symbol of electrical engineering education, along with the Vienna, Amper-hunter Piroska Tram, who was christened in 2018.

Those who participated in the nostalgia tram ride received a numbered nostalgia ticket as a souvenir, which also served as a raffle. The raffle draws took place at the Upper Majláth terminus on the tram.

The great atmosphere was provided by traditional Selmec songs.

20230601_145616.jpg IMG_20230601_161249.jpg


In the framework of Erasmus+ Mobility program SYMPOSIUM at 22 May, 2023


State Key Laboratory of Coastal and Offshore Engineering, Dalian University of Technology CHINA


Prof. Dongsheng QIAO: Application of Deep Learning Technology in the Monitoring System of Floating Wind Turbine