Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Informatics

Student Traditions

The predecessor of our university, the Selmecbánya Academy was the cradle of a whole range of student traditions. During the centuries these customs became traditions and 'moved' to Sopron and then to Miskolc with the Academy.

Freshmen arriving at the university (their traditional name is Pagans) are called Balek ('dupe') after they have undergone some tuition and examining. After passing the filter comprehensive tests, the student turns into a Firma ('a character') so as to become a Firma Gleaming in Divine Light later, and after receiving a degree, a Veteran. The most glamorous occasions for carrying on these traditions are the department parties where students sing their traditional Bursch songs. The Baleks are christened, the Firmas are initiated into their roles and graduating students get their traditional ribbons, mugs and rings at these parties.

Date of the last modification: 19 December, 2009