Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Informatics

An item from the VRML-based virtual model-collection developed by the Department of Descriptive Geometry  
In the lab of the Department of Information Engineering simulation softwares are available where the process of manufacturing can be tracked.
The Department of Applied Mathematics have lectures in computer science for all students of the faculty. 
Memorial for the gradutaing Informatics students in front of the Institue of Information Technology building. 
Pneumatical experiments in the lab of the Department of Fluid and Heat Engineering
Research fields at the Department of Automation are intelligent controllers and artificial intelligence methods in controlling.
Intelligent measuring systems lab at the Department of Electrical and Electronical Engineering, supported by National Instruments.
In the electro-spectrometrical lab of the Department of Physics the energy and angle distribution of electrons originating from electron-atom impact are studied. 
The Department of Machine Elements is teaching machine and product design. The figure shows the 3D plan for a Gokart.
The activity of the Department of Production Engineering includes quality control, CNC processing, assembly and production systems.
Controller program in the sample system found in the lab of the Department of Materials Handling and Logistics.
Research at the Department of Analysis: in the solution of non-linear eigenvalue problems the Lamé-curves play an important role.
Statical analysis of a C stand for a sheet processing machine by means of the finite element method at the Department of Mechanics.
Research fields of the Department of Mechanical Engineering include material tests, welding and heat treatment.
The Department of Machine Tools was the first in the world to develop automatic jaw-step lathe pads, gaining Hungarian, US and EU patent.
The Department of Chemical Machinery keeps good relationship with the chemical factories of the region.
In 2001-2002 the University bildings have changed in architecture and also new facilities were added to the campus.
Memorial jar with the most important dates  
Since 1962 has the faculty the tradition of the Engineers' Ring, worn by the engineers graduated from Miskolc.
Students of the faculty having state fellowship in the academic year 2002/2003.  

Institute of Information Technology founded in 1989, having two departments.

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