Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Informatics

Dean of the Faculty

Dr. Siménfalvi Zoltán Károly
Associate Professor, Head of Institute of Energy Engineering and Chemical Machinery
  Address: University of Miskolc,
Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Informatics
3515, Miskolc-Egyetemváros,Hungary 
  Room: Building C/1, 1st Floor
  Tel.: +36 46 565 111/23 52
  E-mail: gkdh5@uni-miskolc.hu



Dean’s Welcome



In its Act XXIII of 1949, the Hungarian Parliament ordered that “a Technical University of Heavy Industry shall be established in Miskolc in order to promote engineering vocational training in higher education”. Thus 1949 saw the establishment of a university consisting of the Faculty of Mining and Metallurgical Engineering relocated from Sopron and the new Faculty of Mechanical Engineering. The first day of the first academic year in Miskolc was 18 September 1949, the area of the University was marked in February 1950, construction was started and the first academic blocks came into use by the students in the autumn of 1951. Students of machine tool engineering were awarded the first degrees in 1953.


Several graduates of the first year have become academics of our University and are still involved in academic and research work. The six decades that have passed since the establishment have brought continuous change, development and modernisation. In possession of substantial experience and up-to-date knowledge, we are ready to impart them to our students. 


In the past years our Faculty has become one of the key institutions in the region. Our programs satisfy the accreditation requirements of the Hungarian Accreditation Committee with high standards. All our staff are working in order that our Faculty, with its history of six decades and national renown, should continue to offer its students competitive knowledge of high quality thanks to its active role in Hungarian higher education and its practice-oriented programs. Our objective is to provide learning opportunities and long-term relations by using state-of-the-art methodology and means. The name of the Faculty also reflects history, for in 2006 it assumed the name Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Informatics to show that it keeps up with the necessity of imparting state-of-the-art knowledge.


First year students start their studies in one of the three hierarchic levels of the academic structure in the Bologna system. We offer those wishing to enter higher education nine BSc programs: Energetics Engineering, Economic Informatics, Mechanical Engineering, Industrial Design Engineering, Mechatronical Engineering, System Engineering, Economic Software Engineering , Engineering Informatics, Technical Management. The seven semester programs lead to BSc degrees.

In the second stage of higher education, students can choose from the MSc programs of Energetics Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, System Engineering and Logistics Engineering at present. These programs cover four semesters.

A scientific degree (PhD) can be obtained in the two Doctoral Schools of the Faculty: the Hatvany József Doctoral School of Informatics Sciences and the Sályi István Doctoral School of Mechanical Engineering Sciences, both of which can boast of academic staff of national and international reputation.


The Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Informatics preserves and furthers the traditions and heritage of Selmecbánya.


Respect for the Mechanical Engineer!


Date of the last modification: 08 November, 2017